Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is the use of solid and accurate laboratory experiments to study the mind of humans as an information processor, and the cognitive psychologist believes that internal mental behaviour can be scientifically studied using these solid experiments. Cognitive psychology was about the first course to look into how the processing of information in the human mind influences behaviour. There is a relationship between the different mental processes and knowledge, and this is what the cognitive psychology is mostly about. The information processes within the minds of an average person include perception, attention, memory, thinking, language and consciousness which follows a clear sequence and work together in the interpretation of the world.

Cognition itself which involves different cognitive, mental and information processes, make up a part of our intellectual development and experiences. So far Cognitive psychology is based mainly on laboratory experiments, however, is addressed as a pure science. Input, storage and output are the operating codes of the computer and cognitive psychology is also aimed at investigating the human mind by understanding the computer. The computer is an artificial and simpler form of the human mind, and the use of computers to understand how the human minds operate is called the computer analogy.

It is essential to look into the mental processes and how the human behaviour is influenced by it. From the cognitive psychologist point of view, the external stimulus-response behaviour should be studied since it is possible to do so scientifically. This will enable us to understand the mental processes which cannot be completely understood without first having an understanding of the stimulus-response behaviour and the mediational processes. The human behaviour is greatly influenced by the thoughts which is a mediational process between stimulus and response. Though the study of the mind was disapproved by behaviourists who claimed that these internal processes cannot be observed or even measured.

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