How Games Can Improve The Brains Cognition

Ordinary brainpower is becoming a thing of the past as the technology takes over the world and there have been a few ways to challenge the brain with some of these new technologies like computers and mobile devices. Brain testing is easily accessible through brain games found on apps. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are particularly benefiting from these kinds of apps since they can test their memory, and brain speed when they use these apps.

There is need to protect the brain, by not only eating brain foods but also playing the brain games which can offer real benefits. Completing some of the brain games regularly can boost the brain power in both old and young. Such games may include Sudoku, and crossword puzzles, or even video games.

In research, the most widely used brain training method is known as the cognitive training and it can be defined as the engagement in a cognitive task on regular basis. Some examples include learning a set of pictures and a list of words, or even taking a certain route to a certain target. This sort of training has been found to improve working memory, and cognition significantly.

Researchers have carried out a test using two methods known as, the dual n-back game, and complex span, and the dual n-back game, which involved sequencing and updating showed to improve the working memory of participants by 30%. Nobody seems to know if these training work or not, however, researchers are sure it won’t make you smarter or raise your IQ. There are ongoing research and previous works are being reinforced so as to know how long the benefits of brain training can last and if this training will help improve early symptoms of dementia. Also the dual n-back method is being been under consideration to either become a marketable or clinical product.

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